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Adadyn is a programmatic advertising platform that simplifies end to end campaign management while giving you access to the best performing media optimized in real time, to deliver superior results. Use Adadyn to market your business on your terms and drive up sales; because online advertising was never this easy.

Adadyn for Agencies

Create and manage multiple accounts from one agency dashboard. View client level reporting, share and control access, leverage a variety of targeting options.

Adadyn for Advertisers

A simple and intuitive UI for advertisers to access inventory across the globe and begin multivariate testing with dynamic creatives and custom messaging.

Why Adadyn

The Changing Advertising Landscape

Brand marketers are beginning to control greater parts of their media spend taking away multiple intermediaries

Programmatic Marketers are working across more than one demand side partner to gain access to diversified supply leading to high overhead business costs

Access to programmatic media is getting more expensive and requires license(s) with monthly minimum fee commitment to access supply sources

Complex campaign management interface for programmatic media buying and dynamic creative creation

Intermediary Taxes like High Media Margins are creating inefficiencies and limiting the reach and frequency of audience buys

Your Technology Partner Of Choice: Adadyn

Get access to high quality diversified supply from name brand demand sources

Gain control of your advertising dollars, remove the complexity from programmatic media buying and dynamic creative creation with an intuitive user friendly interface

Create and broadcast your marketing message across different marketing channels with the powerful features and capabilities on a single platform.