Demand Generation

Have customers reach you

Your customers are always on. They drive through this self-serve economy, examining likely purchases, thereby providing us an opportunity to become anchors in their exploration.

In their online discovery process, as a marketer you need to connect with these potential customers, understand their unmet need, to generate demand which you can then translate into sales.


Shine the Light on You

Consumers decide the level of engagement they want with your brand. Identify this and be there with the right message.


Leverage Managed Placements

Target potential customers across categories of sites they are most likely to visit, to spark interest and create demand.


Setup Retargeting Campaigns

If your site visitors were just browsing your product categories, a retargeting campaign type will help you make them buyers.


Optimize Campaigns Frequently

Use the reports available within your Adadyn account. Identify better performing creatives and optimize for conversions.

You should be visible to consumers as they search for your category of products and services. By engaging with them regularly, offering what they seek, you attract them to stimulate demand. This practice of intelligent retargeting should be utilized in combination with other marketing tactics so you interact with your consumers at all stages.