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Programmatic Media Buying. Simplified.

Programmatic is an automated system of buying and selling media, which replaces the manual processes like raising insertion orders, pulling disparate reporting and merging spreadsheets. Click the image to learn more.

Understanding & Preventing Advertising Fraud with Adadyn

Online advertising fraud is any nonhuman or illegitimate human action that registers activities on ad units, including but not limited to impressions, clicks, hovers, and page views. The latest industry studies estimate that ad fraud will account for $6.3 billion in losses globally in 2015. Click the image to learn more.

The New Marketing Canvas

See recent spend for programmatic media plus the growing issue of bots in the marketplace. Adadyn’s solutions bring programmatic marketing to any size campaign while addressing the bot problem and making every impression count.


Adadyn Academy: The SMB Guide to Digital Advertising for the Holidays

The retail landscape is changing, and so too are the ways small and midsize retail businesses can amplify their holiday ad spend with programmatic advertising solutions. Download "The SMB Guide to Digital Advertising for the Holidays" to find new data about consumer attitudes toward various forms of digital advertising and recommendations for how retailers can generate more yield from their current initiatives.

The Mid-Market Advantage: Programmatic, Creative Personalization and Retargeting

The digital marketing scene is quickly evolving, with programmatic media buys becoming the new norm. Once a luxury to larger firms, programmatic marketing is now within the reach and budget of all companies using Adadyn’s solutions. Through dynamic creative optimization, ad targeting is more effective than ever; recent visitors can be reached and overexposure avoided.


Adadyn Set to Change Ad Tech Landscape for Marketers

Ozone Media, a leading global advertising technology company, announced the commencement of its rebranding as “Adadyn” to better reflect the launch of its new technology platform. Geared toward simplifying the marketing technology ecosystem for mid-size advertisers and agencies, Adadyn removes the barriers of entry into programmatic and works with all size companies in the ad world to empower those with smaller ad budgets to achieve more relevant, transparent, and targeted ads – once out of reach.