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Convey relevance to drive revenue

Reaching out to your customers is fundamental to generate revenue. With our technology you can connect with your audience, create awareness, generate interest and complete the cycle with a sale.

To build a strong sales pipeline, you will need to understand your users’ behaviour and target them with appropriate content across sites they are most likely to visit.


Use Dynamic Templates

Communicate what is most meaningful to your target audience, in combination with other tools, to make them customers.


Target Using Multiple Settings

Select from a variety of targeting levers to showcase content to the most appropriate audience in order to initiate sales.


Precise Product Selection

Utilize our powerful engine that provides you tailor-made strategies to ensure your audience views the most relevant content.


Track and Measure

Keep a close eye on performance of your
campaigns by tracking and tweaking as you go to drive conversions continually.

Contextual advertising makes it possible to tailor-make your campaigns. The proprietary engine of Adadyn gives you the tools you need to influence your consumer to transact with your products/services across devices, to make your ad dollars work for you and bring in sales.